Your Style, Your Game: How MirrorWorld’s Unity SDK Powered Kreation NFT MarketPlace

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3 min readSep 25, 2023



Kreation, a visionary fashion and gaming studio based in Japan, is pioneering the fusion of the fashion and gaming worlds. Their mission is clear: to establish a global platform that unites fashion brands, creators, and consumers in the realm of Gaming and Cyber Fashion. In a dynamic partnership, Kreation has joined forces with MirrorWorld to integrate blockchain technology into their cutting-edge gameplay. Central to this collaboration is MirrorWorld’s Smart SDK, a comprehensive toolkit tailored for Web3 project development. This transformative alliance embodies the shared commitment of two organizations to elevate the Web3 gaming experience to unprecedented heights.

A Fashionable Alliance

Kreation, a pioneer in merging fashion and gaming within the digital realm, has teamed up with MirrorWorld to incorporate blockchain technology into its innovative gameplay. At the core of this collaboration lies MirrorWorld’s Smart SDK, a comprehensive toolkit tailored for the development of Web3 projects. This partnership marks a transformative alliance between two organizations dedicated to pushing the boundaries of the Web3 gaming experience to unprecedented levels.


Kreation wanted an NFT marketplace in their game and building a good NFT marketplace takes a good amount of time, expertise and resources especially when you consider assets security and smooth user experience, and Kreation needed a reliable and trusted solution to help them save both time and money.


We assisted Kreation in integrating our Unity SDK into their game specifically our NFT marketplace functionality and also provided support.


KREATION uses MirrorWorld for the alpha user test of TAT Game. MirrorWorld’s SDK was easy to implement and the team was very supportive. Really appreciate the support!!

- Tomoya Ogawa, CEO of Kreation


Thanks to our successful partnership, the alpha user test for the TAT game has proven highly successful, showcasing the fruitful outcomes of our collaboration.

Accelerating Blockchain Integration

Our unique SDK, known for its capability to speed up the creation and growth of Web3 apps, has unlocked a realm of opportunities for the company. Through the integration of blockchain tech, Kreation seeks to improve its game features, rewards, and overall experience for its players.


Kreation is leading the way in a digital shift, where fashion and gaming come together smoothly. They’re dedicated to being eco-friendly, trying new things, and making fashion and gaming work together seamlessly. They’re changing how we show ourselves and enjoy fashion in the digital age. With smart leaders and a strong mission, Kreation is ready to make a big impact on the worldwide fashion and gaming scene.

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