The First Artificial Intelligence Dialogue Chip NFT

Sonic (by Mirror World)
4 min readNov 25, 2021

A Gift From Mirror World

The first artificial intelligence dialogue chip NFT — Soul.


First of all, we would like to thank our community members for their support, as the first project to experiment with the field of intelligent NFT, and because of their support we were able to validate the value of Mirror NFT.

To appreciate the support from our community and to contribute to the rapidly growing Crypto World, we will be gifting Soul NFT to the Crypto Community on Thanksgiving.

Soul NFT Introduction

  1. What is Soul NFT?

The intelligence behind Mirror NFT is called a Soul. More specifically, Soul is an artificial intelligence dialogue chip, which can help your NFT become dynamic and interactive. Every Soul NFT can be bounded to an existing NFT, thus bringing them to life.

There are 6 levels of dialogue in Soul NFT.

2. Technical Support: rct AI

rct AI providing AI solutions to the game industry and building the true Metaverse with AI generated content. Recently rct AI successfully raised over $10 Million in the Series A-3 funding from top investors in gaming, AI and blockchain.



3. Mirror NFT

Mirror NFT is the first NFT with an artificial intelligence dialogue chip. It is one that bridges AI and Crypto, two components that are pivotal to constructing a real Metaverse, taking us from web 2.0 to 3.0. It leads the way to our construction of multiple worlds where assets can be used across different games. We believe Mirror NFT will act as proof of digital identities in various games across different worlds.


4. Crypto Community

Based on proposals from community members at the 4224-fest event on the #soul-brainstorm channel in Discord and selection by the project team, we have identified the first Crypto Communities with Claim Soul NFT eligibility.

More Crypto Communities will be added.

5. How to claim


START TIME:9 AM UTC, Thanksgiving Day; We will choose the closing time of “Claim” according to the actual situation.

Mirror World Claim Soul Guide:

Welcome to the Mirror World

As a Gamefi project, Mirror World is a blockchain-based virtual world, also known as the Metaverse, where we aim to connect Mirror World with different games and experiences, allowing users to move through different game scenarios with interconnected & independent economic systems.

When we try to create a new virtual world that is free, equal, full of hope, opportunity and vitality, we need to use artificial intelligence and other technologies to create virtual creatures, these virtual creatures should be actively adjust their behavior according to the changes of the environment, and actively change the virtual world itself while realizing their will.

Metaverse should be native virtual world, in which native virtual creatures must be involved in the construction and development.

We believe that as more people identify and join us, it is enough to accomplish a big event that will change the world.

Make your NFT a partner with birthday, horoscope, personality and more.

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