Sonic Odyssey: Start your path to wealth on Sonic

Sonic (by Mirror World)
4 min readMar 29, 2024


An Introduction

Mirror World introduces the first scaling framework on Solana — SVM HyperGrid, designed to handle a higher compute unit consumption for more different programs and further expand the scalability of the Solana Mainnet while allowing customization of the chain’s features and advanced data types.

Sonic Chain is first Gaming Grid, designed to expand the Solana Gaming Ecosystem. It combines the HyperGrid Solution, leveraging the security of the Solana Mainnet. It is 100% compatible with all EVM Smart Contracts and provides a Native Game Engine to offer Game Developers the most comprehensive On-Chain game development components. This extension aims to truly onboard thousands of games and billions of players within the Solana Gaming Ecosystem.

Sonic is excited to introduce the “Odyssey” event, a tailored educational journey designed for the Sonic community. If you wish to participate in Sonic Chain as an early contributor, this guide will serve as your compass.

Join Discord to start Odyssey journey:

Why participate in Sonic Odyssey?

Sonic Odyssey is a unique opportunity for the Sonic community to delve into Solana’s innovative gaming ecosystem. By participating, you’ll gain insights into the SVM HyperGrid scaling framework. In Sonic Odyssey, easily accessing Sonic’s testnet and ecosystem makes exploring, experimenting, and learning about Sonic enjoyable and fun.

By participating in Sonic Odyssey, you can become early contributor and gain access to unique Discord roles and reward points. After the Sonic mainnet launch, we will reward participants based on the number of points they have earned.

Navigating the Odyssey’s Journey

As a committed Sonic contributor, you’ll embark on quests and campaigns with Zealy and Galxe. These adventures cover various exciting categories, each progressing through 6 unique stages:

  • Stage 1: Introduction and Onboarding
  • Stage 2: Swap at World Store
  • Stage 3: Sonic Bridge Stage
  • Stage 4: NFT Minting
  • Stage 5: Play Gaming
  • Stage 6: Deploying Gaming

Stage 1 and 2 will begin on March 20, 2024, with subsequent stages of the Odyssey opening monthly. Specific timings will be subject to technical development and compliance feedback.

How to participate Stages 1–2

Stage 1: Introduction and Onboarding

By following Sonic on Twitter, joining the Sonic community, and reading Sonic articles, you can understand how Sonic helps game developers efficiently handle and manage game states, logic, and events.

Stage 2: Swap at World Store

World Store, as a Gaming Aggregator integrating multiple blockchain ecosystems, has already aggregated assets from over 20+ EVM Chains and Solana. It will also introduce its own Sonic Bridge to migrate more diverse assets to the Sonic Chain.

Currently, World Store’s points system is live. Prior to the release of Sonic Chain Testnet, all holders of World Store points will be considered early contributors to Sonic and will receive corresponding airdrop rewards in the future. Swap or Bridge at World Store will earn points:

✅ Connect Wallet on World Store:

✅ Swap any Token > $10 on any chain:

✅Complete tasks and Swap larger amounts to earn more points:

Sonic Points and Role Levels

As you continue to interact with Sonic, your Sonic Points will increase. At the end of each Odyssey stage, we will assign different Discord Roles based on your ranking in points earned from World Store, Galxe, and Zealy. Additionally, commemorative rewards will be distributed at the end of each of the 6 Odyssey stages.

The hierarchy of roles includes:

  1. Early Adopter
  2. Contributor
  3. Rare Contributor
  4. Epic Contributor
  5. Legendary Contributor

Sonic Odyssey is a part of the Solana Gaming Chain, and through this journey, you can witness the vibrancy and transformation that Sonic brings to the Solana gaming ecosystem!

About Sonic

Sonic is the first Solana Based Gaming Chain created with SVM HyperGrid.It offers full compatibility with EVM Smart Contracts and provides a Native Game Engine, aiming to onboard numerous games and players into the Solana Gaming Ecosystem.

About Mirror World

Mirror World Introduces Sonic, with its primary goal being to foster the development of games and developers within the Sonic ecosystem. The core functions of Mirror World include providing a development platform for game developers, offering traffic support and effective marketing strategies, and providing funding support for game studios.

About World Store

World Store is the first dApp on Sonic, providing the fastest and cheapest way to bug any game assets. Currently, World Store supports over 20 blockchains and thousands of game assets. After launching on the Sonic Mainnet, World Store is expected to onboard 500,000+ gamers and thousands of games into the Sonic ecosystem.