Mirror World Weekly Update 0909.22

Project Progress

Mirror World SDK is participating in the Solana Summer Camp Hackathon 🔥

Please vote for our project, thank you!

All participating members will have a chance to win $200 USDT (20*10) and 1 Mirror NFT

Step 1, open the link and login

Step 2, click [UPVOTE] to vote

Step 3, tell us how many votes were you on (e.g. 4800 vote)

Once completed, wait for the prize to be won 💰💰💰

Game Development Progress

We had to postpone the start of the Bom Open Beta for a better gaming experience. Beta testing will start in the third week of September.

We believe that after updating the game, BOM can bring you a better gaming experience!

Community Events

  1. Our Twitter followers reached 60 K, Plus 40K community members

Mirror World joins the 100 K Club 🎉

2. We did a Giveaway with Angry cat and Utility Ape to bring more whitelists to the community members. After that, we will expand our prize pool 🎁

3. We did an exciting rock AMA with Peking Monsters, with an audience of over 300 members. 🎸🪞

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Mirror World

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