Mirror World Weekly Update 0805.22

Project Progress

Mirror World SDK is the first all-in-one crypto SDK made for mobile. We combine all the fragmented pieces of Web3 Authentication, payment infrastructures, and market SDK into a few lines of code. Developers can easily build a crypto-native app on top of our solution without the need to sacrifice the ease of entry of a Web2 application.

Game Development Progress

  1. This week Mirrama is in continuous testing and we have fixed some in-game features. We have introduced a new feature: in-game wallet, so we need to update the server for a while to update the content.

2. Mirrama has been upgraded to fix the bug of NFT model color and the bug that the passive skills of close and long-range combat do not match, and add sign up intro in the landing page

Community Events

  1. we started the faction week this week, all participating members can receive a limited Nova badge, and the victory belongs to NOVA! https://galaxy.eco/MirrorWorld/campaign/GC3LfUtb2P

2. We had a great AMA with our partner MONES on Discord on Thursday. We look forward to your participation next time!

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Mirror World

Mirror World

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