Mirror World Weekly Update 0729.22

Project Progress

This week we completed the interface testing for our Rental System. In addition, the first version of the design framework for the Landing page of our Mobile SDK has been completed.

Game Development Progress


  • This week we updated Mirrama, optimized all the battle scenes and obstacle placement, and completed the bug fixes. (such as the portal blocking bug)
  • In addition, we have split the monster sound effects and added a locking design to the main interface avatar experience bar to optimize the game experience.

Community Events

  • A new edition of Mirror World Space is coming soon! The theme is Web3 Gaming Dev Tools?
  • We’ll be inviting lots of project participants to the Twitter Space, and we’ve got a nice NFT Badge for Mirror World, so stay tuned!
  • https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ZkJzbjPlwZJv
  • The community’s emoji contest is over! We saw a lot of great emoji creations, and we love every one of them! You can check them out on the Sticker- Contest channel in the Mirror World Discord community!
  • After a selection process, we have chosen the final winners
  • Mirror Gen 2 Epic * 1 — @graphicrew44#5197
  • Mirror Gen 2 Rare * 1 — @graphicrew44#5197
  • Mirror Gen 2 Common * 1 — @ashawty | Skida#6723

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