Mirror World Weekly Update 0718.22

Project Progress

  1. This week we found an issue with Mirror Talk upgrade failing and are waiting for the bug to be fixed.
  2. Our In-game wallet (Marketplace) has finished functional testing and UI check, and will be launched soon.

Game Development Progress


  • Mirrama Open Beta Test has been successfully launched. This week, we fixed the bug of NFT model color and the bug of the distant battle passive skill did not match, and added sign up intro to the login page.


  • We finished drawing the logo and are designing different versions of the character props.

Community Events

  • We launched the Mirrama Bug Bounty! Send us feedback on bugs or suggestions, and the Top 3 will win a custom weapon!
  • A new edition of Mirror World Space is coming soon! The topic is “What do these badges NFTs mean to me?”
  • We’ll invite many projects to Twitter Space, and we’ve got some great NFT Badge badges for Mirror World, so stay tuned!

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