Mirror World Weekly Update 0709.22

Project Progress

  • Our in-game Rental system has completed technical review and design adjustments, and the design draft will be updated soon.
  • Mirrama Open Beta Test
  • We launched the Open Beta Test for Mirrama on July 7th, the first game of Mirror World!
  • The beta test will be held from July 7th to Aug 7th
  • Click here to download Mirrama: mirrorworld.fun/game
  • Note: For this round of testing, we will be clearing all in-game test tokens, weapons and equipment, but the Mirror NFT levels will be saved on the blockchain.
  • Click here to learn how to participate in this round of test: https://mirrorworld.medium.com/mirrama-open-beta-guide-49f22085b67f

Game Development Progress

  • This week we have optimized the obstacles and scenes in the game, and completed the optimization of monster materials and monster sound effects. In addition, we have tried to develop the dissolve effect of monsters after death, optimized the UI button sound effects and various interface interaction sounds. We have also added 3 sets of Gen 2 models to the game.

Community Events

  • A new edition of Mirror World Space is coming soon! The theme is “What will Solana Mobile change?”
  • We’ll be inviting several projects Space, and we’ve prepared great NFT Badge for you, so stay tuned!

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