Mirror World Weekly Update 0617.22

Project Progress

Our official marketplace is online! Mirror holders can see the mirror faction and rarity in the marketplace. It can be accessed through this link: https://marketplace.mirrorworld.fun/

FAM, let’s go marketplace and buy the mirror u like. Have fun!

Game development progress

  1. Mirrama: We redesigned a set of energy recovery mechanism procedures, optimized the UI logic, reconstructed the overall positioning of the character skill system, and reorganized the parameters of skills.

Community Events

We launched a bunch of activities recently to celebrate our community number exceeding 20k and Twitter followers exceeding 30K as well as Mirror Gen 2 NFTs all Launchpads Sold Out!!!

  1. Chinese AMA: We conducted a Chinese AMA event on June 16 for their questions of Mirror World, and introduce the Shards system clearly within the community.
  2. Sold Out Giveaway: To celebrate we sold out Mirror Gen 2 on all launchpads, we held a Giveaway event on Twitter with 50 Sol (10 * 5 people) as the prize. For more information, please click this link: https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld/status/1537374149156679680?s=20
  1. Twitter 30K Celebration Giveaway: To celebrate reaching 30,000 Twitter followers, we will be holding a Giveaway on Twitter from June 17 — June 20, with prizes of Mirror Gen 2 and OAT NFT! Stay tuned!
  2. Mirror World ✖️ Carv AMA on June 16 and can be accessed at this link https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld/status/1537435094360543239?s=20

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