Mirror World Weekly Update 0624.22

Project Progress

  • In-game wallet (Marketplace) test review has been completed and Demo Token has been deployed for testing! In-game wallet (Marketplace) and In-game wallet (App) are expected to be tested soon.

Game Development Progress

  • This week, the team completed the calculation and adjustment of all economic values for Mirrama. The art team completed 8 sets of obstacles, and basically finished the monster movements and effects.
  • Mirrama Open Beta test will be open soon, please stay tuned!

Community Events

  • Discord faction system goes live! You can verify Mirror’s faction! Vida, Xeon, Nova. Lez go and discover secrets behind the factions!
  • Each faction member will be able to earn points for their factions. With a prize been split with everyone at the end of the month.
  • Mirror World Space EP6 is coming soon!
  • Topic: Take Your Web2 Games to Web3.
  • We will invite project parties, KOLs to Twitter Space. Why choose to make your game transition to web3? What’s the difference between chain-altered games and crypto-native games?
  • Stay tuned at https://twitter.com/MirrorWorldAMA!

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