Mirror World Weekly Update 0610.22

Project progress

  1. June 9 , the team opened the public mint on www.fractal.is/mirrorworld for Mirror Gen 2 Ticket. members who didn’t grab it can follow the Mirror World official website after release: https://launchpads.mirrorworld.fun/.
  2. Team has been working on the official Mirror Marketplace for weeks and it shall be online next week!!! You can check the marketplace next week and trade all your Gen 1 and Gen 2 freely!!!

Game development

  1. Team released the Mirrama B test in the community on June 6 which will last for a week . You can check the test members’ gameplay videos in the #sneak channel in Discord community.
  2. According to the feedback of Mirrama B test, team has made adjustment to improve experience:
  • Re-plan the length of the battle, the player process, character upgrading;
  • Reconstructed the ability curve of bosses, enhancing players growth experience;
  • The bugs in B test has been recorded and team is working on them to improve experience;

Community activities

  1. Team completed this round of Gen 2 whitelist distribution, friends who obtained the whitelist qualification and filled in the wallet address were given the Gen 2 ticket airdrop. Congratulations to those who obtained the whitelist.
  2. We have found scammers pretending to be us, airdropping NFTs named Mirror #2 , luring people to connect to MetaMask to steal assets. Please do not fall for this scam and report it to us and to Opensea official website.

3. Next week, we will have a talk on “Why from X to Solana?” at https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld. Stay tuned!

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Mirror World

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