Mirror World Weekly Update 0603.22

Project Progress

  1. On June 1, we continued to sell the Mirror Gen 2 NFT on Gate.io, which is now completely sold out. If you didn’t get it, you can buy it on Enjinstarter and krystal on June 3 and June 6. https://launchpads.mirrorworld.fun/
  2. We are updating our website, the world view of Mirror World Matrix will be gradually improved, for more information please check: https://mirrorworld.fun/lore

3. We are designing our own Marketplace, which will support all Mirror NFT transactions when it goes live and has the lowest transaction fees!

Game development progress

  1. We completed the second community test of our second game, <BOM>, on June 2. The feedback shows that community members are gradually increasing their satisfaction with the game experience. We will start more rounds of testing to let all community members experience our game.

2. On June 6, we will conduct the beta test of Mirrama. This beta test will feature significant improvements to the game’s levels, characters, and skills. The beta test will be selected from the community members and Twitter followers. Follow us on Discord to actively sign up for this beta! https://discord.gg/pkBW6YDbwG

Community Events

  1. More and more people have joined Miiror FAM recently . New members can check out our Shards system #Shard-guide and earn Shards by clocking in every day. shards can be exchanged for great prizes like NFT, ETH at #Store.

2. This week we have several rounds of Gen 2 WL sweepstakes on Twitter and Discord, go to #whitelist channel for details. Good luck to everyone!


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