Mirror World Weekly Update 0527.22

Mirror World
2 min readMay 27, 2022


Project Progress

  1. We officially started the launch of Mirror Gen 2 on May 26th, and set a good result of selling out in 1 minute on Binance and 3 minutes on Galler. For those members who didn’t get it, you can also follow the launch plans for other platforms: https://launchpads.mirrorworld.fun/
  2. Our cross-chain is underway, and all Gen 1 Mirror holders who participate in the cross-chain and register their Solana wallets are eligible for a whitelist of Gen 2 NFT. All whitelists will be available for the official website launch in June.

Game Development

  1. Optimized the bugs of the first game <Mirrama>, fixed the problems and improved the game experience in response to the feedback from the community members in the last round of testing.
  2. In response to the feedback from the first round of testing for the second game <BOM>, we optimized some game content and removed some features that affected the game experience. On May 30, we will conduct the second round of testing for <BOM> with some members from the first round of testing and new testers selected from the community.

Community Activities

  1. We are running several rounds of Gen 2 whitelisting, follow us on Twitter @joinmirrorworld or on our Discord channel #Whitelist for details. The Gen 2 Whitelist will be available for the official launch in June. 2.
  2. This week’s Shards store is continuing to run, and new members can transfer Shards in #Sahrds-claim using the [.collect-income] in #Shards-claim to earn Shards, and use Shards in #Store to exchange for prizes. More information about Shards can be found at https://discord.gg/ZNFnsvAJ


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