Mirror World Weekly Update 0522.22

Project progress

  1. We officially started cross-chaining this week, shutting down our contracts on Ether on May 18 and going live with our cross-chaining feature on the official website on May 19 . If you don’t know how to cross-chain, please check our cross-chain guide: https://mirrorworld.medium.com/gen2-mirror-nft-information-faq-12455f277492
  2. The community Shards store is officially open! Now all community members can earn Shards in the #shard-claim channel and exchange them for great gifts in the #Store. Outside of the first time, we will be offering Shards as rewards for our events. Find out more details: https://discord.gg/MH2dTXSbvP

3. We will be launching our Mirror Gen 2 NFTs starting May 23rd for $50 each, 7557 in total and will be launched on 6 different platforms. All Gen 2 assets can be used in the Mirror World Game Matrix. See more details on our launch site: https://launchpads.mirrorworld.fun/

Learn how to get whitelist on our Discord: https://discord.gg/dDH8uEZW3k

4. With the launch of Gen 2, Mirror NFT will be divided into five different levels and three different camps, each with an exclusive backstory and entitlements. You can find out more information inside the Lore on the official website: https://mirrorworld.fun/lore

Game Development

  1. We officially finished the community test of our second game <bom> and got a good rating. We will continue to optimize the game experience of <Bom> and add our AI BOT to it to improve the game experience for everyone.

2. We will be running the next round of beta testing for <Mirrama> at the end of this month, and there will be more spots in this round. We want all community members to join our beta and have a good gaming experience.

Community Events

  1. We’re holding a whitelist giveaway for Mirror Gen 2 NFT on Twitter, so enter to get whitelisted! Also, we’ll be giving away whitelists all the time, so keep following us on Twitter and Discord to get your whitelist!


2. We’ve partnered with Zebec, and we believe we’re going to do even more interesting things together!

3. We’ll be hosting a Twitter Space on 5.23 with the theme How to make it on Solana? We’ll be giving away OAT NFTs and we’ll pick 5 whitelists, so don’t miss out! https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld/status/1528043932382539777?s=20&t=4bowjeChJrisijYvmk-zlw

Website |Twitter | DiscordLink3SDK



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