Mirror World Weekly Update 0507.22

Project progress

  1. The Shards system has been configured and members eligible for redemption now have the “Shop” role. The Shards redemption store will be fully opened after the cross-chain, which is expected to be completed within this month.
  2. The cross-chain preparation is fully completed, and the migration to Solana is expected to be completed within this week, and community members will be informed of the details in an announcement before the cross-chain.

Game Development Progress

  1. We have collected and compiled the feedback from Mirrama A++ test users, and 49 players have rated Mirrama A++ 6.5 out of 10, which is an increase compared to the last A+ test. We will continue to optimize our game based on the suggestions made by players in this round of testing, and look forward to achieving a better rating in the next round.
  2. We are preparing our second game, <Brawl of Mirror>。Brawl of Mirrors will be a relaxed and casual PVP-based arena dueling game. The game has been designed to give players a relaxing and competitive experience, with a range of different combinations of gameplay, including: development, competition, strategy and more.In Brawl of Mirror, Mirror NFT characters differ in Rarity, Class, Attributes, and Factions; their basic attributes include: Health Point (HP), Attack, Defense and Stamina.
<Brawl of Mirror> Game Screenshot

Community Events

  1. We had a really fun game night party on Friday, and the top 3 winners not only got Shards, but also got direct entry into the <Brawl of Mirror> beta test 🔥

2. We’ve become partners with RACE Poker, the gaming union on Solana, and we’re sure we’ll do even more fun things together 🚀

3. This Sunday we’ll be hosting our second Mirror World Space on the topic: What is GameFi infrastructure? How to build it? With a great lineup of guests and great rewards, including Mirror NFT, <BOM> beta qualification, OAT badge NFT and more, don’t miss it!



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