Mirror World Weekly Update 0429.22

Project progress

  1. The background story of Mirror World is in production, including the background story of each chapter and the introduction of the bosses in the three games. We believe this content will make Mirror World more vivid and three-dimensional.
  2. We did the last round of testing of the shards system this week. After confirming that there are no security risks, we will open the shards feature for everyone in May, including the shards earning and exchange function.

Game Development Progress

  1. We completed the A++ test of Mirrama this week and got a good score. The feedback from our beta testers has been very helpful and we will continue to optimize the Mirrama experience to create a better game product. In order to let more community players experience our game, we will start a second round of A++ testing in early May.
  2. We are planning to test our second game <Brawl of Mirror> to the public, and we will continue to send out details about the game in the meantime. According to the plan, the second game will be tested in mid-May.
  3. We have optimized Mirrama’s UI interface and adjusted the problem of displaying layers of obstacles on the spawning map during battles. Some bugs that do not affect the combat experience have also been modified.

Community Events

  1. Thirty community members were selected within the community this week to participate in the A++ testing of Mirrama. The selection of testers for the second round of testing will be conducted soon. You can see the gameplay video of this test in #👀︱sneak-peeks

2. This week we had a great AMA with ROBBi, the NFT hipster project, to discuss the results of combining Web 3 and trendy toys.

3. The game guild RRQ GUILD has joined our family as partners of Mirror World. We believe that we will create more interesting things in the future.

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Mirror World

Mirror World

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