Mirror World Weekly Update 0415.22

Hi Guys, Starting this week, we will be updating the community every Friday on our game development progress, project progress and community events. If you have any questions, you can ask us in the weekly community AMA. We want all of our community members to be kept informed of Mirror World’s development process on a regular basis, which will help us make Mirror World greater and better together!

Project Progress

Character 3D modeling in progress
  1. We have built the economic system of Shards, and clarified the value of Shards. We have also clarified how to get Shards and how to exchange them with Token, and how to exchange additional prizes. In May, we will systematically disclose the specific application and value of Shards.
  2. We finished the preparation work of cross-chain, increased the number of wallets supported by Solana, confirmed the scheduling process and internal testing time of cross-chain. After the test is completed, if the result meets our expectation, we will announce the specific date of cross-chain in advance in the community.
  3. configured the assets on Solana and completed the naming of these assets. When all configurations are completed, we will announce these naming to everyone in the community. At the same time, for the game and some assets, we will leave some naming rights to the community and let people participate in naming the characters and assets through the open call and event selection. Let you encounter your own named BOSSes and your own named props in the game!

Game Progress

Game UI Interface design in
  1. In the latest version of the game, we updated the UI of all characters & equipment, completed the functions of equipment wearing, equipment decomposition and equipment dropping, added character level display in the battle scene, replaced the character experience bar in the battle scene, and added the remaining number of monsters icon in the battle scene.
  2. This week, we have connected the in-game pairing accounts, configured 2000 Mirror NFTs, and tested the switching function of NFT characters, but there is a situation that 2D images do not match with 3D models, mainly because the time process of pulling 2D images is too long. We have found a solution and are continuously optimizing it.

Community Events

  1. on Tuesday we had a great AMA with AlphfaDAO, one of the leading virtual asset developers in the Metaverse and a key partner of ours.
  2. On Wednesday, Mirror World CEO Chris participated in a roundtable discussion on Game VS Fi at BitMetis, where he gave a great speech that you can find on our Twitter feed @joinmirrorworld
  3. On Thursday night, Chris and Darth_Hsi, community leader and game strategist at YGG SEA, gave a great AMA
  4. we’ve formed a partnership with G-Donkey, a P2E union from India, and we believe that together we will create even more value! https://twitter.com/GdonkeyE/status/1513525698681794567?s=20&t=MQGoxJe-lHTaoYPfBHLnvA
  5. we won the game against Paladin Pandas and as the loser, they topped our tweets for 24 hours. We’ll be playing a close game with them again this week, so let’s win it together!


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Enter the Mirror World, rescue fragments of our Web 2.0 identity and bring them to the Web 3.0 era. https://discord.gg/SyhFbRRD twitter.com/joinmirrorworld

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Mirror World

Enter the Mirror World, rescue fragments of our Web 2.0 identity and bring them to the Web 3.0 era. https://discord.gg/SyhFbRRD twitter.com/joinmirrorworld