Mirror World Cross-Chain Onboarding

Step 1

Visit: https://portal.mirrorworld.fun/airdrop-solana

Or click “Go to register” on Official Web

Step 2

Connect the MetaMask wallet with Mirror Gen1 NFT

After a successful connection, the number of Mirror NFTs owned by the wallet is displayed

Step 3

Click Select Wallet to select Solana Wallet

Click More options to see the supported wallet types

Select the Solana wallet you want to receive Mirror (Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Torus, Ledger, MathWallet, Slope, Glow, Clover, Sollet (Extension), Coin98)

If you do not have Solana Wallet, no worry, we will help you download Phantom Wallet. After installing Phantom, you can close the pop-up and connect again.

Step 4

After selecting the wallet type, click “Connect” and connect to our website

Then, approve the signature request.

After connect your Solana wallet, you can free to change by clicking “Change wallet”., if you want to change your wallet, click Discconnect.

Once you have successfully connected, click “Confirm”. The confirmed Solana wallet address cannot be changed

Step 5

When you see this pop-up, congratulations! You already finished all the process and can waiting for airdrop.

You can Log in again with the same MetaMask wallet to check the process. When you see “Airdrop Completed”, you can check in your corresponding Solana wallet, or visit https://mirrorworld.fun/

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Mirror World

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