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Rage Effect, India’s premier AAA shooter game, is rewriting the rules of FPS gaming. It’s not just a game; it’s a community-driven experience where players shape the worlds they inhabit. Rage Effect and MirrorWorld, have joined forces to redefine the landscape of Web3 gaming experiences. This dynamic partnership stands as a testament to the potential of collaboration and innovation in the gaming industry.

A Game-Changing Alliance

Rage Effect, the Solana blockchain-based PvP and PvE FPS game, has joined hands with MirrorWorld to integrate blockchain technology into its gameplay. MirrorWorld’s Smart SDK, a comprehensive toolkit for building Web3 projects, is at the heart of this collaboration. The partnership signifies a game-changing alliance between two entities committed to propelling Web3 gaming experience to new heights.


The challenge that lay before Rage Effect was their desire to transition to the SUI network, aiming to become cross-chain. This meant they wanted to broaden their horizons and connect with various blockchains.


We provided them with custom NFT smart contract with unique features like:

  • GEO-tagged NFTs: Different attributes of the NFT change based on the game player’s location e.g weapon skin changes to snake if the player is in China and changes to gold if the player is in Cape Town, also if a player wins a game in Rage Effect they get a discount/free product at a nearby store).
  • Dynamic NFT-rarities: NFT changes based on the user’s game activities like hours spent, game events, e.t.c
  • Composable weapon NFTs: The NFT(Weapon) increases rarity by the player attaching a silencer, grip, barrel e.t.c


We’re thrilled to be working together with MirrorWorld to develop a distinct, seamless and uninterrupted gaming experience on the blockchain. Through this collaboration, we will be able to develop and revise our ideas in short timeframes, thanks to the support team

- Karn Saxena, CEO of Rage Effect


As a result of this partnership, Rage Effect secured a significant $100,000 grant from the SUI network. This grant enables Rage Effect to advance its gaming innovations and continue providing thrilling experiences to its community.

Accelerating Blockchain Integration

Our custom SDK, hailed for its ability to facilitate rapid development and scaling of Web3 applications, has opened a world of possibilities for Rage Effect. By incorporating blockchain technology, Rage Effect aims to enhance its gameplay, reward system, and overall player experience.

Benefits of Integration

  • Enhanced Player Experience: The integration of MirrorWorld’s custom SDK is set to elevate the player experience within Rage Effect. Players will enjoy a seamless blend of traditional FPS gameplay and the innovative potential of blockchain.
  • Monetization and Ownership: The partnership empowers players to truly own their in-game assets through the integration of NFTs. This play-to-earn model allows players to monetize their gaming journey.
  • Community Building: Rage Effect’s integration with MirrorWorld paves the way for a stronger gaming community. Collaborative content creation and engagement.


The coming together of Rage Effect and MirrorWorld is a testament to the power of synergy in the gaming world. As we leverage the potential of blockchain and technology, gamers can anticipate a future where seamless integration, community engagement, and ownership redefine the gaming landscape.

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