Mirror World 1st Anniversary Appreciation Letter

Sonic (by Mirror World)
4 min readSep 27, 2022


To All Mirror Fam:

Happy Mirror World 1st Anniversary!

Where It All Began: AI Empowered Mirror NFT

On September 30, 2021, Mirror World launched 11,000 genesis Mirror NFT’s being the world’s first Interactive Intelligent NFT. The entire WEB 3.0 saw AI and blockchain collide for the first time. Mirror NFT is an intelligent Virtual Being that evolved from the fusion of leftover human data in the Web2 World, and they are willing to talk to you about…everything!

The world’s first Interactive Intelligent NFT — — Mirror NFT

Building Mirror World Game Matrix:

In order to thrive in the Web3 space, games need to iterate rapidly to satisfy the developing user needs as well as ecosystem development.

During the year, we completed and publicly tested two games Mirrama and Brawl of Mirrors. We have shown everyone the endless possibilities of the Mirror World Matrix.

Mirrama is an ARPG with rogue-like elements, designed with a range of different gameplay experiences and in-game systems in mind to give the player the thrill and excitement of real-time HF. The gameplay is designed to include collection, development, exploration, competition, and strategy. We completed the public testing of Mirrama in July with amazing results.

Brawl of Mirrors is a relaxed and casual PVP-based arena game. The game has been designed to give players a relaxing and competitive experience. It is worth mentioning that the BOM is being tested and is free to play, so everyone can join now: https://mirrorworld.fun/game#header

100 K Members Club

We have grown from a few thousand users to a large community with over 100K members! Community members come from more than 80 countries around the world, and they all join Mirror FAM because they love Mirror World!

If you are interested in Mirror World, join us now: http://discord.gg/mirrorworld

Mirror World 1st Anniversary Bash 🎂

Mirror World Smart SDK

To attract more interesting games to the Mirror World Game Matrix, we launched the Mirror World Smart SDK in September.

The Mirror World Smart SDK

is a cross-platform interface that provides simple, declarative interfaces for building Mobile and Web Applications into Web 3 Architecture.

With Mirror World Smart SDK, you can easily authenticate your users, create secure wallets, mint NFTs, deploy marketplaces, swap tokens [among many other features] with a few lines of code, and without the hassle of making your users manage seed phrases, or present them with various popups in order to perform simple actions on Solana.

We believe that Mirror World Smart SDK can help make it easier for games to enter Web 3.0, If you are interested in this, you can contact us at https://t.me/mirrorworld_sdk

About 1st Anniversary Party Week

To celebrate Mirror World’s first birthday, we have prepared a week-long party. Events include Game Battle Night, Mirror Space and Birthday Giveaway!

Mirror World 1st Anniversary Space

To celebrate Mirror World’s first birthday, we are preparing a Big Twitter Space Party on 9.30, 8AM EST and we want all holders to change your Mirror NFT as a photo. We have 3 Mirror hoodies to giveaway to the best 3 questioners, and all attendees will claim a 1st Badge. 1st Badge holders will be entered into the $900 USDT Giveaway!

⏰ September 30, 8PM CST/ 8 AM EST

📌 Set reminders: https://twitter.com/i/spaces/1ypKddDXOvdKW

In addition, we have a lot of prizes for Mirror FAM during the party week, including $USDT, Mirror NFT, Mirror clothes, Mirror Badge, etc. Follow Twitter for more details: https://twitter.com/joinmirrorworld

In the future, we will create more surprises.

Develop Worlds as Games 🎮

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