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2 min readOct 7, 2021


If life could be restarted, how would you live it?

These are not just players who live in the real world, but also Mirrors who have virtual lives.

Life Restart Project Introduction

Before the official path to a world of interoperable assets, we wanted to create an exclusive interactive and social scene for the Mirror Crew.

Here you can experience and explore a variety of life journeys with your Mirrors, reconnect with them, observe the way they interact with each other, and more.

Those rescued Mirrors are eager to invite their rescuers to participate in their own life journey, to experience different adventures with the player in a restart of life, to gain additional surprises and a new understanding of life.

Experiences and Interactions

Players need to enter the life rebirth container together with their own Mirror and start a new adventure.

In the experience, players can see the entire life process of Mirror from the age of 0 to the time when it disappears. Through continuous dialogue with Mirror, the player would change Mirror’s own attributes and characteristics to influence his or her life journey.

At the same time, the level status of Mirror itself will also affect the initial status of its life journey. With the help of AI, each subtle change will bring players and Mirror a completely different life experience.

New Benefits

With the restarts, Mirrors will have different lives and experience different life scripts. In this process, Mirrors will be brought some new benefits from their own life script, such as exclusive items or some other additional surprises.

But what can be sure is that these exclusive props will play an important role in the future of the game.

Perhaps, as players, we are already accustomed to make choices, choose to equip our characters with the favorite costumes and props, but can Mirrors, with virtual life, also make a choice? As a partner in battle, Mirrors also wants to bring you some surprises, to bring some of his favorite props, to share with you.

Finally, let’s stand at the beginning of the adventure and join this new interactive experience with your Mirrors.

A life journey of Mirror #7262.


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