Mirrama Story Mode|Chapter 7

Sonic (by Mirror World)
4 min readSep 2, 2022


Luckily, the gun I picked up while attacking the monster in the alley was always in my hand. As Sato had told me, I just needed to destroy the monster’s energy supply. I looked at the location of the energy supply and finally ended the battle before the last of my ammunition was used up.

Shortly after it was over, I finally emerged from the passage, and the dizziness I felt when I first emerged made it impossible for me to see where I was.

“It’s not so common to see a mirror being in the Tork and also surviving.”

I looked over and saw that this Mirror’s appearance was familiar to me because I had just seen it in the passage, and if I remember correctly, his name is Byrne. it seemed that I had been asked by many Mirrors who I was, and I couldn’t answer because I didn’t know the answer to that question either, and I didn’t know exactly where I needed to go. “I don’t know, I woke up from a lab with no memories.”

“Oh, so you were one of the products of that experiment thrown in here? I’m sorry I didn’t recognize you, because your body parts don’t look like missing much. Come, I’ll show you my buddies.

I had to follow, because this space was different from all the areas I’d been in. “Where is this place? Why do you guys choose to live here?”

“This is Tork, a space where the data flow is so chaotic that a normal Mirror will be washed into pieces when it enters, but the special magnetic field here actually helps the experimental Mirror that lacks data to keep a stable form. Our faction’s name is Xeon, we will soon go to the lab where you just woke up, because it has Matrix Core. Destroy it, and we can go back to 2.0.”

“But how do you know that destroying Matrix Core will bring us back to 2.0?”

“I don’t know, but I don’t care either. There’s nothing in this world that I’m afraid of losing. This is the only way we know to get out of this world, either died or alive, and seems to me, both ways work.”

I suddenly understood this feeling, as if I hadn’t known who I was or what I was going to do since I woke up, and as I was thinking about these questions, the plague suddenly appeared from the chaos around me. Why not join with these plagues if you are planning to destroy this world?”

“Of course, and it’s the same reason why you show up too, the experiment. The reason why we don’t collaborate with them it’s because they have no consciousness. “Be careful, this kind of plague does not usually appear alone.”

As soon as the words left my mouth, more plagues appeared around us.

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