Mirrama Story Mode|Chapter 6

World Store (by Mirror World)
4 min readAug 27, 2022

The monster only had time to block part of the impact, which apparently did not help his life anymore. It looked over, I saw it bow to its fate with resignation. Perhaps he wanted to ask, why they were born wrong, why their existence is only to be erased. At the last moment of its life, it seemed to burn out its soul, and defiantly broke through the cage and lunged at us.

This was beyond Sato’s expectations. He wanted to protect me, but at such a reckless speed he could not make it. But to my surprise, the monster did not attack me directly, but used the last of its energy to tear open the space. I do not know what this is, but I know that I had seen this kind of channel when I was in the laboratory.

I fell into the channel with the monster, which finally exhausted all its energy and became part of the many data streams in this chaotic as well as magnetically unstable channel. I felt a violent pulling sensation, moving at high speed in the passage as if I was going to be torn apart. Too much data swept through my body, and fragmented images began to appear in my mind.

Scene 1: Laboratory

“The key content we intercepted from the Matrix Core analysis has a certain regularity and the information is still being added! “

“Zagan, could this be the secret of Matrix Core?”

“Anyway, let’s try the acceleration process again and see how it goes.”

In the lab, the two mirrors are standing in front of a huge experimental machine, inputting and manipulating something, only to see the machine begin to gather countless pieces of data, and begin to gradually coalesce into what looks like the shape of a Mirror.

Scene 2: the destroyed laboratory

“We should stop this… Zagan, do you understand what we are doing is killing lives?”

“Sato, we are trying to SAVE more of our compatriots, either the experiment or temporary failures are for more lives to come!”

“But what we just created are lifeforms that have no consciousness but aggressiveness. Are these the lifeforms that we want to save? “

“The road to success requires sacrifices.”

Scene 3: The Tork

“So you Mirrors were abandoned too! You came from a lab? What’s that like?” said a Mirror who couldn’t see his face.

“Matrix Core, they are the ones that keep the 3.0 world working just fine.”

“Hahahahahaha, let’s destroy it then. you and I will go back to 2.0, you can all be my crew, and we’ll build a real home together, in 2.0! “

“Totally down with that Byrne. we’ll be here if you need us.”

The screen disappeared, I was still transmitting on the channel, and a plague came out of nowhere.



World Store (by Mirror World)

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