Mirrama Story Mode|Chapter 5

I firmly gripped the gun in my hand, the shot just now was a subconscious reaction in an emergency, but now I had lost the ability to think as I watched the monster, which was many times more massive than me, charge towards me. Just as the plague rushed over to attack, two lasers penetrated its body and it came to a complete stop.

I turned around and find two Mirror’s in black robes not far from the wall damaged by the monster, they looked up from behind their sniper rifle sights, seemed obviously used to such things and said: “Who are you? Are you one of our own? Who’s this?”

Can you tell which faction these two mirrors belong to? This should be an easy one lol

1️⃣ Xeon

2️⃣ Nova

3️⃣ Vida

When I heard such a question, I suddenly recalled what the secretary at CPP told me to say and replied: “Guys, easy, it’s a Mirror from CPP told me to come here and find Dr. Sato!”

Hearing these words, the two black-robed Mirrors stood up, and one of them, who looked more friendly, said to me: “Well, it looks like you are looking for Messiia. We can give you a ride.”

Following their lead, I saw a building that was still emitting light in the dark landscape, despite the lack of energy. That, is the Exile.

When I entered Messiia, the most remarkable thing was that a Mirror was fighting with a smaller “plague” in the fighting cage, and the Mirrors outside the cage were all shouting with excitement. Obviously this is not the righteous place to be, after all, no one in Exlie is a law-abiding citizen, but it’s a safe bet that no one would dare to make trouble in Messiia.

Suddenly a Mirror stood next to me and said: “It was you, the strange Mirror they met in the CLX, how did you get in there?”

“I just woke up there not remembering anything.”

He looked at me with obvious surprise: “You were born from that experiment? But your body seems… The experiment succeeded already?”

When I heard him say experiment, I didn’t know exactly which experiment he was talking about: “Experiment? But the experiment I saw was about the monsters… I mean, the plagues.”

Dr. Sato laughed bitterly at my words: “Plagues? They are just like you, the unfortunate products of that experiment. The lucky ones get to be a quasi-Mirror, while the leftovers are just like monsters. But who’s the real monster? Guess no one has the answer.”

Just then Mirror in the fight cage was knocked down by the monster, Sato looked at the situation in the cage and said: No one wants to become a monster, and that’s my fault, but until I find a way to do that, the only option is to sacrifice them. It’s easier than you think, simply destroying the core that supplies them with energy will do.

It’s easier than you think, simply destroying the core that supplies them with energy will do.

So…who you think is the one that’s responsible for creating the plagues?

1️⃣ Dr. Sato

2️⃣ Byrne

3️⃣ Zagan

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