Mirrama Story Mode|Chapter 3

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The knights finally subdued “it”.

Turning back in the chaotic crowd, I see the huge neon sign of the lab in the center of Xalem. It looks brighter at night.

As I walked aimlessly through the crowd, I overheard the short-haired mirror next to me communicate with his companion: “Hey, the plague seems to be getting worse, when will the lab have a solution?”

“I don’t know.” Another long-haired mirror replied, “I don’t know if I’ll be successful this year in my application for the Plague Command Center.”

CPP? Maybe they could answer my question.

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The building is a tall and magnificent building, silver and white, with a purple glow, full of technology and futuristic, symmetrical doors and passageways make the whole building present a sense of order and neutrality.

I didn’t wait to pass through the security checkpoint of the Centre for Plague Prevention before I saw a group of personnel exactly like the security personnel in the laboratory coming out of a certain passage on the first floor, and I subconsciously started hiding behind the barrier in their blind spot.

Looking back at the lab’s memories, it was confirmed that it was the armor uniform from memory.

But why are they here, isn’t this the CPP?

If the security personnel in the lab are members of the Order …… I feel creeped out. I don’t know how many of my features they remembered, but maybe I should be more cautious.

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Inside the CPP office, Zagan looked at the central lab surveillance displayed on the screen.

Zagan looked calm and raised an eyebrow, “Now Sato, they …… aren’t even hiding?”

“Follow him secretly, I want to know everything.”

“Yes, sir. “A side mirror nodded and respectfully left the room.

Zagan closed his eyes, seemed to be caught up in his memories.

“Due to the unstable magnetic field in the area, a plague has appeared ahead of the first three intersections of the road in Xalem, Zone A.”

A sudden alarm interrupted my thoughts, as I looked at the sound, I saw the plague image playing in the big screen in the center . A heavily armed plague monster was ravaging. It was surrounded by armor that looked indestructible.

Suddenly a hand reached out from the door next to me and pulled me in.

A Mirror questioned me angrily: “Are you stupid or something?!!!? Do you know that Zagan has already noticed you??”

Me: “Who are you?? Who’s Zagan?”

He ignored my questions and said: “Now, you need to go back to Exile. Zagan is scared that his secret might be revealed, so he’s secretly searching for you. The plague came out again, I have to go. Just remember, find the guy with the white robe . His name is Sato, and he will help you.”

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