Mirrama Story Mode|Chapter 3

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I saw a steady stream of security personnel coming through the door, part of them coming up to fight the giant dinosaur, while the other part was, clearly, coming for me.

I turned around and ran towards the area not guarded by any Mirror.

“Don’t let him get away!”

A squealing voice came from behind me, but I didn’t have time for any perfect plan to come up with, I could only run as hard as I could.

Chased by security with strange armor, I ran all the way along the wall and finally found a door that was a bit worn. It seems that this door is often opened……there’s no time for a second doubt!

I pushed the door open with the intention of giving it a try, only to find a pathway so narrow that it could only hold one person and make it difficult to even turn around…

“Bang — “ I hurriedly closed the door and chained it.

“Do you really want to kick it?”

“That’s a lot of money for a door.”

There were murmurs from the security staff outside the door, and I didn’t think much of it and ran away regardless.

“Don’t chase, this road is a dead end.” The voice of one security Mirror echoed through the tunnel.

“But how does he know about this road?”

“Shit! Block every exit of this building!”

Running away from the security, I realized that I seemed to have come to a dead end, and the tunnel was getting narrower and narrower.

So this is it, I’m gonna die meaninglessly before knowing who I am.

But as I turned around to prepare for a comfortable dying posture, I saw a small white corner of a coat flashing through.

Faster than my thinking process, a white-robed mirror covered my mouth and nose, than a gesture of silence.

I did not dare to move, kept nodding, pupils dilated.

White robed Mirror did not explain too much, he looked behind me and said with his lips: “Send you out, I will also be exposed, forget it…… Come with me.”

He gave me a sense of wisdom . Perhaps he is trustworthy?

He led me to a complete dead end and said coldly, “Close your eyes.” He covered his hand in front of my eyes.

I dutifully did as I was told, but out of curiosity, I opened my eyes slightly to see the outside world through my fingers.

It was a pity that when I opened my eyes, there was a completely unfamiliar world in front of me. From time to time, some mirrors and their words that I had never seen before flashed around me.

“Speed up for a more glorious future.”

“I don’t like it here!”

Where does this …… lead to?

“What are you looking at?” The white-robed MIRROR said in a deep voice.

“No, no …… thank you for saving me.” I retracted my eyes, stunned.

“You are brave, son. And you should be thankful that you’re still alive.” The white-robed Mirror did not look away and kept walking forward.

I panted, “Please, please, where is this place?”

“Don’t you think you know enough? Why did you just open your eyes?” The white-robed mirror didn’t answer, and his words startled me.

Without waiting for my answer, the white-robed mirror asked again, “You are …… why are you in the laboratory?”

“Well, I…… I don’t know, I was in the lab as soon as I opened my eyes.” I followed the white-robed Mirror’s footsteps.

“Hmm.” Can not hear the white robe mirror emotions. But I guess he did not believe my words.

And when I retracted my eyes to look around, there was no longer the figure of the white-robed Mirror.

He …… disappeared? All in all, thanks a lot.

I fixed my eyes and found that it was several sections of mech-covered arms that were struggling to burrow out of the place where I was standing.

It can’t be the plague monster from the lab that got out again …… I hurriedly blended into the crowd and watched the wind blowing around me. I hope I don’t become a target …… Where should I go?

“Ah! It’s the plague!” Mirror, who was beside me, suddenly screamed out.

But to my surprise the streets of the prosperous city did not become chaotic as a result, but became orderly under the command of a group of mirrors.

“Plague at the first intersection in the central block of X City’s S District!”

“Please evacuate relevant people in an orderly manner under organizational arrangements!”

Hidden in the crowd, I saw a knight dressed like the one on the big screen lightly come to the plague. He raised the huge axe in his hand and swung at the monster. The nearest plague monster immediately let out a wail, no longer approaching the crowd, and disappeared in the city…



Enter the Mirror World, rescue fragments of our Web 2.0 identity and bring them to the Web 3.0 era. https://discord.gg/SyhFbRRD twitter.com/joinmirrorworld

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Mirror World

Mirror World

Enter the Mirror World, rescue fragments of our Web 2.0 identity and bring them to the Web 3.0 era. https://discord.gg/SyhFbRRD twitter.com/joinmirrorworld