Mirrama Story Mode|Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

Where…am I?

I lifted my eyelids wearily, rejecting the strong lights that immediately flashed in.

A lab. Vats filled with unknown liquid are lining up by the wall, as orderly as soldiers waiting for the general to blow the trumpet at any time during an expedition. The liquid in these vats kept popping up and bursting, emitting a “gurgling” sound that was particularly clear in the lab.

The surface of the vats reflected a dazzling light under the bright light, causing me to zone out a while.

Such a lab, with absolute bright lights and stainless equipment, makes you wonder how many progressive developments have happened here without a second doubt that they might be detrimental to the world. The darkness seems nowhere to hide — and so is my own presence.

Fortunately, there was no one else around me, as if I were an uninvited guest in this lab, a complete alien who had invaded this world by mistake.

Who am I? Why did I suddenly appear here? I have no idea, but I do not intend to think about these questions here, because such specifications of the laboratory obviously should not be such an outsider as I enter. I believe that if I am found, I can not give a reasonable explanation. The best way now is to escape without anyone finding out.

The rearmost side of the vat next to the laboratory is located in the center of the most experimental machines. At this moment, three layers of researchers surrounded the experimental machine, each with their heads held high, watching with bated breath the rapid changes in the experimental machine in front of them, so focused that they did not even notice my intrusion.

My eyesight is good, I can see the wind and grass in the distance. But also I have no intention of joining them. It was important to save my life, I’d…… better go.

Trying to lighten my steps as much as possible, I tiptoed and catwalked to the nearest vat, trying to find an escape route that wouldn’t alert the staff.

The only response I got was the sound of the vats bubbling.

Looking up, I saw the label next to the vat: Plague Test 4526.

Looking confused, I moved unsurely toward the vat that was the second closest to me, and I fixed my eyes on it: Plague Test 4527.

Along the direction of the vat arrangement, I hastily scanned the serial number. If I hadn’t guessed wrong, these vats were sorted chronologically. I was deep in thought, while the table beside me was a scattering of papers falling to the floor.

The only two words I could read were: one was Mirror, the other was Plague, and the third was Transform.

These words came up over and over again.

Plague? What is plague? …I sensed that some truth was about to break through the ground, but at that moment, there was an eerie rattling from the vat in front of me, and I looked at the sound, and a crack began to appear on the vat, as if it would break open at any moment.

At the same time, not far away from the experimental machine inside the strange movement, as if there is a sleeping monster is about to wake up, emitting a dull and rapid panting sound. The beast broke free from the heavy chains that were wrapped around it, clanking like a mournful bell in a lab that was so quiet you could hear it breathing. It seemed to want to tear apart the people…I mean, the Mirror before it. Wait, in that way it was…me?

Not far away, people noticed my presence, and the crowd erupted with the sound of breathlessness, they looked at me and the vat behind me with shock, and Mirror kept shouting “Kill him!”

Kill……who? Was it me?

I didn’t know if it was me, but I didn’t dare to bet. I immediately turned around and ran to the lab door, didn’t run a few steps when the cracked vat suddenly broke apart, I was curious to look back and could only see the outline of a Mirror in the vat, but his right arm seemed a little different. “Could it be that this lab is already doing live experiments in order to study the plague? Could this be the reason why they want to kill me?”

Just then, the alarm in the lab iterated. The monster attacked a large number of experimenters indiscriminately and came rampantly in my direction. I was about to speed up and run outside the door, but because of the alarm a large number of security personnel poured in at the door, but it seemed that they were not prepared to save me, but were prepared to let me be eaten by the monster in front of me, and save them from coming back to do it.

I thought, now there is no going back, maybe the only way to have a chance to live is to fight with the monster in front of me.

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Enter the Mirror World, rescue fragments of our Web 2.0 identity and bring them to the Web 3.0 era. https://discord.gg/SyhFbRRD twitter.com/joinmirrorworld