Gen2 Mirror NFT Information & FAQ

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4 min readMay 20, 2022

Mirror World Game Matrix Concept:

Gen2 Mirror NFT Introduction

This is the Mirror Generation 2 mystery box, which could be redeemed for Solana-based Mirror Generation 2 NFT at

They contain 3 factions: Vida, Xeon and Nova, and within each faction, Mirror can be minted in Common, Rare, Elite, Legendary and Mythical rarities, and these AI-Powered Assets can be used in the Mirror World Matrix.

Gen 2 Mirror Quantity: 7557

Gen 2 Price: $50

Launch pads:

Wen mint: 23/05/22

The expected probability distribution of the mystery box pool is as follows

Learn more details and choose your faction at Lore on our website:

Mirror World Introduction

Mirror World is the World’s First interoperable GameFi Matrix inhabited by AI NFTs. In this World, Mirror NFTs can be thought of as a one pass that allows players to travel through different game worlds and experience different game content.

There are currently 3 different types of games in development:

Mirrama is an ARPG that combines rogue-like elements. Mirror NFTs in Mirrama are differentiated by Rarity, Level, Class and Factions, all of which affect the growth and development of the character. And there are also differences in the way Mirror attacks: melee attacks and ranged attacks. In your game experience, random monsters will appear in each level, and survival is your only goal.

Brawl of Mirror is a battle arena game. In Brawl of Mirror, Mirror NFT characters differ in Rarity, Class, Attributes, and Factions; their basic attributes include: Health Point (HP), Attack, Defense and Stamina. You need to PVP against other players in a limited arena and staying till the end is your core goal.

Beacon is a tower defense game and Unstable Brain is an AI Sim Island, and for more information please follow

Gen 2 Mirror NFT FAQ

  1. What is the Supply?

The total number of early Mirror Generation 2 on sale is 7557.

2. What is the Mint Price?


3. What Blockchain is Gen2 on and Why?

The Mirror Gen2’s smart contract is deployed on Solana in order to give players a low-gas gaming experience.

4. Where will Gen2 be launched?

Mirror World will sell Mirror Gen2 on different Launchpads. You can buy Mirror Gen2 Tickets on Binance, Galler,, Krystal, Enjinstarter and Fractal Launchpad and then come to Mirror World official website to redeem them.

5. How can I get Whitelist?

Follow Mirror World’s Twitter and Discord, you can get whitelisted via community campaigns.You can use the whitelist at the launch of our website in June

6. What’s the difference between Gen1 and Gen2?

The Genesis Mirror has a higher rarity.

7. Can Gen2 Mirrors be sold on third party markets?


Mirror World Matrix is World’s First Crypto Gaming Matrix inhabited by AI NFTs powered by our Matrix Core Engine, and interconnected by Mirror World Matrix Token.

Notice: Gen2 Mirror Whitelist Campaigns are approaching. Stay tuned!


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