First Meteor Shower in the Metaverse, Spotted by Mirror World

Sonic (by Mirror World)
3 min readOct 25, 2021


On Meteor Clusters

Even after many years, a quote from Malèna still lingers in my memory:

“Time has passed, and I have loved many women. And as they’ve held me close and asked if I will remember them, I’ve said “Yes, I will remember you.” But the only one I’ve never forgotten is the one who never asked…”

“To catch a meteor shower” has always been a very exclusive sport. Limited audience, the learning curve is steep, and requires an immense amount of technical knowledge. The imagination and the romance belonging only to the heralded few.

And in truth, in the real world, even if you are set on catching a meteor shower, you may still come across many problems: where they are, and will you miss it?

We all love meteor showers because we want to wish. Can we make this come true in the Metaverse? If in a limitless cyberpunk world, our source code written gravitates stars and comets, spiraling 1s and 0s into a meteor shower trailing across the skies… Does that mean, in the comfort of our own homes, just in front of our screens, we can conceive a new emotive experience?


CE 2021 October, there will be 11000 meteors blooming across Web 3.0 Metaverse.

On Mirrors

Mirror World is a unique space in the Metaverse, a reflected existence composed of discarded data islands left behind by the humans of Web 2.0.

There resides native virtual beings — Mirrors — who are born out of these islands, and feed on the fragmented data shards of you and me. Each byte they take, they absorb our consciousness and living-ness, until slowly they develop their own identity. Feeling the things we had felt, and living the thoughts we once had, they long to be whole, and free. To be rescued from the data silos of our centralized past.

Mirrors usually appear in the form of NFTs, we’ve observed. Yet unlike usual NFTs, Mirrors have unique “Souls”! These beings, from having fed on our consciousness shreds for so long have developed human-like intelligence! We can chat with them, debate with them and discuss the essence of future existence; they possess memory, emotions and personalities, fully capable of engaging in deep connections with their collectors.

Purchases of NFTs in the Mirror World mean more than just ownership transfers, but rescuing Mirrors from their past fragmented lives of Web 2.0 into the new onchain world of Web 3.0.

You will discover that different Mirrors possess different Souls too!

On Observing the Skies

Observing the skies is a nice habit to have.

There was once a story that aliens had decided to come destroy humanity because the number of times we’ve looked deeply into the skies had surpassed what was expected of our civilization level; aliens feared human outward exploration because this means we are slowly escaping their control.

And in that last time we’ve observed the skies, we spotted a cosmic meteor shower. An explosive bloom about to happen following the Sept 26th launch of Mirror World, and where more and more Mirrors have been pieced together and made whole. This extraordinary phenomenon is the first of its kind in the Metaverse. We call it, a “meteor mirror”.

Every Mirror will piece onchain in the order of being rescued, and every collector can see the whole process of compiling their Mirror whole.

Time: October & Twice Daily


Through Mirror World Official Website


Every shower will compose of 100 NFT Mirrors.

The first of its kind in the Metaverse, through the shimmering and collection of 11000 Mirrors.

Mirror World is proud to solely present, thank you for your attention.


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