FAQ: The Grand Migration of Mirrors — Ready for Adventure!!!

Well, hi there! Today we are thrilled to announce that Mirror World will be building new habitats for Mirrors on Solana, and head onto a greater journey.

As blockchain technology started to gain recognition and popularity since the summer of 2021, the Ethereum ecosystem was growing drastically with numerous projects and applications rapidly coming out. In the meantime, Mirror World and its AIs were able to meet you, our community members, and improve ourselves with your company on Ethereum. Yet, this way to a better us didn’t run that smoothly. We ran into many obstacles, such as poor underlying performance (including high gas fee and lengthy wait times), and there’s also considerable amounts of feedback about the cost problem of unaffordable gas fee.

As an assets-interoperable game matrix, for a better user experience, we are eager to address these issues, helping partners reduce transaction costs and attract more people to the Mirror World Matrix while ensuring data security. We did a lot of research and discussion, comparing various existing Ethereum solutions, and finally choose Solana as our new home. Although being a young public chain, Solana has low commission fee and efficient execution speed. We believe that Solana can bring out better user and game experience. For long-term development, Solana is currently the best choice for us. In addition, we have reached cooperation with many game guilds (example: BabyMoon Gaming House, Good Games Guild, Hooga Gaming, HirayaVerse, Play It Forward Dao, YGG SEA, Shadow Legacy Guild, XI Gaming Guild, PathDao, UniX Gaming, Avocado DAO)and a large number of our Mirrors were booked. In order to prevent new members from making purchases on Ethereum under the condition of information asymmetry, we have decided to close the Mint feature on Ethereum.

Two ways of migration:

1.Use Token Bridge to transfer your Mirror

Mirror World will provide Token Bridge, while members need to cover their own fee for transactions (according to current Ethereum prices, the cost for transaction per Mirror will be 30–40 bucks) . Members have the right to stay on Ethereum instead of transfering to Solana. To be noted, all our future holder rights will be distributed to members on Solana only.

2.Transfer your Mirror through mapping

Mirror will re-record all the data on Solana through mapping and airdrop the corresponding Mirror to the user’s wallet. Users do not need to pay any fees, but only need to submit their Solana wallet on Mirror World website (Sollet, Solfare and Phantom are supported). Notice that in order to ensure the security and consistency of data on Ethereum, the contract on Ethereum will be paused, the Mirror on Ethereum will remain in the user’s wallet (transfer or trade are not allowed).

Voting begins on March 11, 2022 at 3PM CST/7AM UTC/2AM EST. Voting will last 48 hours. Voting will close on March 13, 2022 at 3PM CST/7AM UTC/3AM EST.

We will also be hosting an AMA on Twitter Space to answer questions today, 11am EST / 16pm UTC 11th. Leave a comment on our Twitter with your question and participate in our Twitter Space, we will pick the 5 best questions and split 100 USDT!

FAQ: Assets Migration to Solana Q&A

There were a lot of questions from the community, I’m just stitching them together for interested parties to read, enjoy.

Q1: Will we have to pay the gas for transfer to Solana?

A: We really want to protect the rights of our members. However, covering all the gas fee for transactions is unrealistic. We provide two solutions for migration: one is using Mirror Token Bridge (members need to pay the gas fee for transactions), the other one is data mapping (zero cost). Instead of making decisions by us, we want to leave the choice of the final solution to our members. Mirror holders can vote on Discord within 48h (Starting from March 11, 2022 at 3PM CST/7AM UTC/2AM EST). It should be mentioned here that everyone transfers to Solana will receive Airdrop (In-game assets) on Solana.

Q2: Can the project currently force transfer/burn our Mainnet Mirrors if they chose to?

A: We will never destory our Mainnet Mirrors.

Q3: Can Solana Mirrors be sold on third party markets?

A: Yes, Solana Mirrors will be able to continue being transacted on Solana. In the meantime, we will also launch our own market in a few months.

Q4: Will ETH Mirrors still be able to interact with its holders?

A: Yes, ETH Mirrors will continue being able to interact with its holders. We plan to reward those who have been with us for the past 6 months and continue to hold onto their Mirrors on Solana.

Q5: Any rewards for those ETH Mirrors that have been upgraded?

A: Yes, we value your contribution a lot for bringing up Mirror AI and will reward you with package (different types of in-game assets). Snapshot of level and corresponding holder will happen at the End of March.

Q6: Why transfer to Solana?

A: We are transferring to Solana because we believe in the entire ecosystem Solana offers, especially seeing the possibility of gaming on the chain. We have had extensive conversations with our amazing investors, and are excited about the possibility of deploying on Solana as an assets-interoperable game matrix.

Q7: Ethereum is more decentralized, why move to Solana?

A: This is a very difficult choice, and the outside world has never stopped discussing the development of these two ecosystems. However, from our point of view, we hope that players can have a good gaming experience in our world, which is based on lower gas. In addition, we will also ensure that our project is sufficiently decentralized from our mechanism design, so that more people can participate and experience.

Q8: Will all of your games exist on Solana?

A: We plan to deploy all of our games on Solana in the short term, we will be multi-chain with true asset interoperability and this step of asset transfer is the first attempt pushing us toward that end goal.

Q9: Will we be able to transfer Solana Mirrors back to Ethereum?

A: Should, will have plan for that.

Q10: Will you be locking the Ethereum contract altogether?

A: Yes, we currently pause the Mint function. Depending on the final community voting results, we will take different actions. If the final solution for cross-chain is Token Bridge, we will only pause the mint function. Otherwise, to ensure the consistency and security of our data, we will pause our smart contracts on Ethereum Mainnet.

Q11: It’s good to hear about Solana. But it really is a very complicated task for us to execute. Are there ways to speed up the transfer process if my assets are in multiple wallets?

A: Unfortunately, it is difficult to do so. We really want to provide you with an efficient and fast way but what we care most is the security of your assets. As a result, we must confirm asset ownership and transfer to Solana accordingly. Every user needs to authorize their transfer and approve through both their MetaMask and Solana wallets (Phantom, Solfare and Sollet are supported).


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