FANSI Elevates Web3 Music Experience with MirrorWorld’s NFT-Checkout Service

Sonic (by Mirror World)
3 min readAug 28, 2023



Tedious or complicated user experience is one of the major things slowing down web3 mass adoption and in this article we are going to learn about one of the ways we are solving that problem and how FANSI is taking full advantage of our world class solution.


FANSI, a startup in the Web3 music industry, is redefining how musicians and fans engage with music as NFTs with its innovative music launchpad service and Listen2Earn tokenomics. FANSI’s mission is to empower artists and music enthusiasts through innovative technology and a comprehensive music ecosystem by allowing record labels and artists to create digital tokens and offer them as collectibles.

The Challenge

In the rapidly evolving world of Web3 music, FANSI identified the need for a streamlined and secure NFT checkout process that would allow fans to collect music NFTs seamlessly. The Ideal solution was to create a frictionless experience that would enable artists to monetize their creations and fans to enjoy exclusive NFTs without hurdles which is where our NFT-Checkout service comes in.

Mirror’s NFT-Checkout

Often times, digital artists get to create very wonderful pieces of arts on the blockchain in form of, pictures, music, videos e.t.c but one of the biggest challenges they face is their fans not being able to support them by collecting their art due to the complex user experience which involves fans to create a wallet, have a particular token in their wallet, all at the risk of forgetting their private keys which will automatically result to them losing their funds and collectibles but there has to be a solution which is why at MirrorWorld we built a service that allows you to create a seamless and secure checkout process for your in-app crypto assets.


Through a strategic partnership with us, FANSI found the solution they were seeking. By integrating our NFT-checkout service into their platform, FANSI unlocked a new level of convenience. Fans could now effortlessly purchase music NFTs while artists could focus on their craft, knowing that the checkout process was taken care of.


  • Simplified Checkout Process: FANSI’s collaboration with us streamlined the checkout process, making it easier for fans to acquire music NFTs.
  • Monetization for Artists: Artists on FANSI’s platform could now even more comfortably monetize their music creations through NFT sales, creating a sustainable revenue stream.


“With MirrorWorld’s NFT Checkout Service, we witnessed a transformation in our NFT sales. Our fans embraced the seamless checkout process, which allowed them to collect our music NFTs with a few clicks.”

— Tai-Ku Chen, Co-Founder of FANSI


The collaboration between FANSI and MirrorWorld has propelled the music NFT experience to new heights. By joining forces, we have empowered musicians to monetize their art while offering fans a hassle-free way to immerse themselves in the world of Web3 music.


Integrating our NFT-Checkout Services into your own web or mobile app is a seamless and straightforward process, we have also written a guide to help you learn more about it and how you can integrate it into your own platform. Integrate NFT Fiat Checkout Using Mirror World

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