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4 min readSep 20, 2022


We will launch the Open beta of Brawl of Mirrors, which is a battle royale style arena game, on September 21st at 9AM UTC / 5AM EST/ 5PM CST for a period of 9 days.

Mirror NFT Holders can play the game by logging in through accounts, and non-holders can free to play in guest mode.

Brawl of Mirrors Introduction

Gameplay Introduction — Brawl of Mirrors is a relaxed and casual PVP-based arena game. The game has been designed to give players a relaxing and competitive experience, with a range of different combinations of gameplay, including: development, competition, strategy and more.

In Brawl of Mirror, Mirror NFT characters differ in Rarity, Class and Attributes; their basic attributes include: Health Point (HP), Attack, Defense and Stamina.

Open Beta Contents

We would love for all holders to join Bom’s Open Beta. In this open beta , your holdings of Mirror NFT will be differentiated by rarity, class and level, all of which affect the growth and development of the character.

Overcoming other players and surviving to the end is your only goal in your gaming .

In addition, we will be adding the Mirror World token economy system to the BOM and testing it. Holders will be able to earn test tokens in-game and use the test tokens to upgrade their Mirror NFT’s skill level. At the end of the open beta, we will clear all in-game test tokens, props and equipment, but will record the upgraded skill levels on the blockchain. After the game and tokens are officially launched, the higher the skill level, the higher the earnings.

All players who participate in the open beta will be rewarded with Galaxy OAT NFT and Mirror Shards. We will also award USDC, Sol, NFT and other rewards based on BOM’s game.

How to Join

For Mirror NFT holders

1. Register your game account in our Marketplace via email and verify it (if you have a Mirrama account, you can skip ):

2. Download and install BOM on the official Mirror World website:

3. Login through your verified email account and enjoy the game.

4. Fill out the feedback questionnaire after the test and receive the test rewards on Discord’s channel:

For non-holders

  1. Download and install BOM on the official Mirror World website:
  2. Enter the game via the Guest button.

Brawl of Mirrors Open Beta FAQ

  1. Is the open beta open to everyone?

Yes, everyone can play BOM!

Holders can log in to the game through account and save their NFT skill level on the blockchain at the end. Guest mode will delete all data at the test end.

2. How long will the Open Beta last?

The Open Beta Test will be from 9.21–9.30, total 9 days.

3. Which device can take part in the Bom open Beta?

We support both Android and iOS.

[Android Devices Support]

  • Operating system: Android 7.0+
  • Memory requirement: 2G+

[IOS Device Support]

  • iPhone 8 and above
  • Memory requirement: 2G+

4. How do I download Brawl of Mirrors?

Download Game directly on

5. What is the difference between Gen 1 and Gen 2 in the open beta

The rarity of Mirror Gen1 starts from elite to Mythical and Mirror Gen2 starts from Common to Mythical. Gen 1 holder can only log into the game after completing the cross-chain. cross-chain link:

6. What is the difference between the Mirror NFT rarities in the game?

Different rarities of Mirror NFT have different number of active skill slots, which will affect the player’s experience in battle.

7. Can the test tokens earned from the test be withdrawn to the wallet?

Yes, during the test, you can use the test token in the game to improve your NFT skill level and also you could withdraw the test token to your wallet. BUT as we said before, this is only a test token to help us test the whole game and economics system.

8. Why spend test tokens to upgrade skills?

During the open beta test, the skills level of the NFT that you have consumed the Token to raise will be saved.

9. What are the open beta rewards?

  • Your Mirror NFT skills level
  • Special OAT NFT

10. How to get the open beta rewards?

Fill out the feedback in-game questionnaire and enter the Discord exclusive test channel to receive your reward.

Develop Worlds as Games, enjoy Brawl of Mirrors! 🪞🌍

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