About Mirror $Shards and Mirror Badge

About Shards

Shards is a point system for the Mirror World Discord community, with a total of 4 million Shards, which will be redeemed in equal proportions with tokens when the Mirror World Token ($MWM) goes live, and can also be purchased in the Mirror Shards shop for different types of prizes such as Mirror Badge, game Shards can also be purchased in the Mirror Shards shop for different types of prizes such as Mirror Badge, game props, Mirror NFT, ETH and more.

Community members can earn a set amount of Shards daily on Mirror World Discord via the .collect-income command, or they can win Shards from the prize pool by participating in community events.

Lean more: https://discord.gg/MH2dTXSbvP

Shards shop

Number of Shards earned per day by Role

How to get different roles

About Mirror Badge NFT

Mirror Badge NFT is based on the OAT (On-Chain Achievement Token) badge NFT created by Project Galaxy to issue Mirror Badge to the community as a record of participation.

Mirror Badge is used for validation when a user performs a Mirror World action or participates in a Mirror World event. Users are able to mint coins in a gas-free manner.

Mirror badge is the credential to join the Monthly Great Prize. Mirror Badge holders are eligible to enter to win a monthly prize in the Mirror World Monthly Great Prize.

Mirror World Badge Space: https://galaxy.eco/MirrorWorld

Mirror World Monthly Great Prize Event:https://discord.gg/AZNZTcs9

About Mirror World:

Mirror World is the world’s first AI-based P2E gaming ecosystem backed by VCs like FTX Ventures, Galaxy Interactive, and Republic Crypto. This year they will come out with 4 games, 3 arcade-based games, and one battle royale game.

Each NFT in Mirror World’s collection with its own AI personality. The NFT owner can interact with their NFT on the Mirror World Soul Portal. The AIs’ personalities are based on real people, with some of them based on former US presidents and celebrities like Kanye West. Mirror World is a spin-out company of rct.ai, which is an AI gaming startup that came out of Y Combinator and recently raised their Series A. Mirror World leverages rct’s AI technology for its NFT personalities. The goal of Mirror World is to build a decentralized gaming ecosystem powered by AI.

Website |Twitter | DiscordLink3SDK



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Mirror World

Mirror World

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